DSBs induced in S. cerevisiae BY4741, depending on growth phases after Zeocin treatment in a concentration range 100–300 μg/ml A cells in logarithmic phase B quiescent cells C non-quiescent cells. 1, 2 - control; 3, 4 - treatment with 100 μg/ml Zeocin; 5, 6 - treatment with 200 μg/ml Zeocin; 7, 8 - treatment with 300 μg/ml Zeocin D induction of DSBs after treatment with different concentrations of Zeocin calculated as FDR. The significance in the differences where ns p > 0.05, **p < 0.01. Where no error bars are evident, they are equal or less than the symbols.

  Part of: Marinovska P, Todorova T, Tomova A, Pisareva E, Boyadzhiev K, Dimitrov M, Parvanova P, Dimitrova M, Chankova S, Petrova V (2022) Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast cells as a test system for assessing Zeocin toxicity. In: Chankova S, Peneva V, Metcheva R, Beltcheva M, Vassilev K, Radeva G, Danova K (Eds) Current trends of ecology. BioRisk 17: 105-116. https://doi.org/10.3897/biorisk.17.77227