Changes of catalase activity (CAT, ΔE min-1 mg-1 prot.) in the cells of Arthronema africanum – A and Coelastrella sp. BGV – B, on the 10th day after treatment by Cu, Cd and Pb (each metal added in concentrations 50 µM and 100 µM).

  Part of: Karcheva Z, Georgieva Z, Tomov A, Petrova D, Zhiponova M, Vasileva I, Chaneva G (2022) Heavy metal stress response of microalgal strains Arthronema africanum and Coelastrella sp. BGV. In: Chankova S, Peneva V, Metcheva R, Beltcheva M, Vassilev K, Radeva G, Danova K (Eds) Current trends of ecology. BioRisk 17: 83-94.