BioRisk 4: 81-96, doi: 10.3897/biorisk.4.54
Alien terrestrial crustaceans (Isopods and Amphipods). Chapter 7.1
Pierre-Olivier Cochard, Ferenc Vilisics, Emmanuel Sechet
Abstract A total of 17 terrestrial crustacean species aliens to Europe of which 13 isopods (woodlice) and 4 amphipods (lawn shrimps) have established on the continent. In addition, 21 species native to Europe were introduced in a European region to which they are not native. The establishment of alien crustacean species in Europe slowly increased during the 20th century without any marked changes during the recent decades. Almost all species alien to Europe originate from sub-tropical or tropical areas. Most of the initial introductions were recorded in greenhouses, botanical gardens and urban parks, probably associated with passive transport of soil, plants or compost. Alien woodlice are still confined to urban habitats. Natural habitats have only been colonized by three amphipod species in the family Talitridade.