BioRisk 5: 211-223, doi: 10.3897/biorisk.5.851
Expansion of Crocothemis erythraea in Ukraine
Lyudmyla Khrokalo
Abstract A noticeable expansion of some Mediterranean species takes place in Europe during last several decades and this data are related to climatic effects clearly. The present work is a review of literature and original data on distribution of C. erythraea in Ukraine. In the beginning and middle of XX century in Ukraine the Scarlet Dragonfly was observed in southern area at Dnieper valley, in outmost southwest at Danube delta at the west of Ukraine in Transcarpathian and Forecarpathian. Next, this species was registered at the foothills of Carpathian Mountains. During last three decades C. erythraea was also recorded at the north and east (central regions, eastern, northern and northeastern areas). Since 2000 new points have been registered in Odessa, Kherson,Vinnytsya, Cherkasy, Chernihiv, Kyiv administrative regions and in Crimea.